April 4

A trial lawyer wants jurors that are intelligent enough to understand and accept any wild ass suggestions he or she puts before them. But not smart enough to see the fallacies of his argument. 

After reading   a story about some small business owners and their dislike of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB),   it appears to me the Chamber may have a case of the later condition.  

Many of these small business owners have formed their own groups.  The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) was created 4 years ago by activists from both coasts.  They accuse the aforementioned groups of identity theft.

They say both organizations have been taken over by corporate lobbyists and do not represent small business or the interests of real small business.

 This is just a brief synopsis of an article and more detailed information can be found at The Nation.com to read the full article. 

Do not construe this as a plug for The Nation, as my goal here is to share information from any source available.


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