Had a story from my childhood to post but,

Do not feel it is ready for posting yet.  So this will just be a short note about a discussion with a younger person yesterday.

We were talking about how our country spends so much on war and so little on taking care of our own.  Some how the conversation turned to our current use of “contractors” in battles.  We both agreed that contractors was just an euphemism for mercenaries.  The conversation turned to world history and how the Roman empire began it’s downfall under similar conditions.

A time back in speaking to my dental hygienist I said to her. ” In the future when people read about the downfall of the American empire they will read such things as… The Americans became so rich and lazy that they reached a point where they paid people to clean their teeth.”  

I am going to include a link to a blog posted by a friend of mine. Jeff Leibmann hopefully it will work as it is something worth reading.



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