Do You Remember…

When March Madness was held in March …

When a full time job supported you and your family without having to rely on food stamps and Medicaid…

When after leaving church you were full of love and tolerance….

When you had to rush back from the bathroom so you didn’t miss part of the show…

When you did not have to lock your doors, day or night….

When our elected officials paid attention to our wants and our needs?

Don’t remember those times?   Well, that was a time prior to the “Greed is good “philosophy taking over our world.

Many of you are probably too young to remember these “good old days” having grown up in a world controlled by news from sponsored   think tanks and other privately funded groups.

Many have been taught to look with dismay at anyone that holds a different Deity in reverence or has sexual preferences that disagree with yours or even a different skin color.

Most of these thoughts, feelings and prejudices you hold have been trained into your very soul. While deeply ingrained they can be overcome.

We must all open up our hearts, minds and souls and learn to love our fellow human and accept them as they are.  And then we can begin to show concern for their welfare and help them enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we all make an attempt at doing this then perhaps we can all experience the “good old days” again.

Well maybe not March madness in March or short commercial breaks but the others are within reach.

Link to Greed is good.

Link to love and tolerance.


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