Gun control

This is supposed to come up for a vote in U.S. Senate tomorrow.  At the risk of pissing many here off I want to share something that has bothered me since the Newtown massacre happened.

Most every time this is talked about in the MSM they mention the 26 victims.  Did you hear that correctly?  26 victims, this bothers me to no end.  There were 27 victims that sad day in Newton.

The young fellow that pulled the trigger creating the death of so many was also a victim.

He was a victim of living in a society that has such an easy access to guns that he had the access to guns.

He was a victim of living in a country that has turned a blind eye to people with mental conditions

People born with autism or one of its related afflictions did not ask to be born that way and they did not strive to become that way.  They are all victims.

Since becoming a nation operating on the policy of “Greed is good” we have fallen backward in our care and handling of mental illness in this country.

Good gun control and help for people in need of help are steps we must take to improve life in these United States of America.

Call your senator today and tell him/her to do something good for the country we all live in!

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