Browsing the cable networks for inspiration this morning and I found this.

New poll, 61 percent of Americans say country is on the wrong track.

How is anyone supposed to interpret such an ambiguous statement? Of that number how many are concerned because we have a locked up government? How many are concerned because we have a Democratic president or even a black president? How many are concerned because we are ignoring the poor? How many are concerned because the Ryan budget wants to privatize both SS and Medicare?

I could go on but you get the message here. IMHO that 61 percent consists of people who are complete opposites in political belief.

Reversing this poll would tell us that 39 percent of Americans think our country is on the right track. Who are those people and what do they base their opinions on?

This is just some food for thought this morning. If you have any answers send them my way.

One more thing, you may want to check out this morning she has an interesting take on why Canadians are different from Americans.


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  1. I lived in England during the 80’s (the Thatcher years) and agree, although I would extend it to England. With all its problems, I’d rater be living there now. Take a look at this link. There’s a sidebar on Washington creating jobs in China which I found interesting.


    • I think this will work . It’s a good site to subscribe to. The article
      “Corruption in Washington is Destroying the U.S. Economy” and “Washington Is Creating Jobs in China” are the ones I was referring to.

      Hope this helps.


    • I think that the comment you mentioned is ambiguous because our mainstream media coverage is so conflicted and often lies to us by omission (and sometimes with outright lies). I put a lot of effort into reading and sharing various national and international news reports daily. It takes a lot of time and I can only do it because I’m retired. So much of what I read never hits the mainstream. I highly recommend getting into and contributing to a Twitter group which discusses and shares current news.


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