Watching the sun set over Michigan’s future

Well, Michigan’s House of Representatives has just passed a law that will save the state lots of dough.

Michigan’s Republican controlled House and Senate along with Governor Snyder appear to have squeezed all the money possible out of working class and poor citizens of the state.  They are now looking at zombies, ghouls and any other dead bodies for further revenue enhancement.

There was some thought about drug testing but, after discussing this at length they decided drug testing was not needed.  A dead person would not get food stamps even if they were drug free. *

This is just the beginning, as it is expected they will soon be passing bills disallowing dead people the right to drive. This is not a sure thing as the insurance lobby is concerned about the possible loss of dead clients.  And it is well known that the insurance companies own most elected officials.

The Mackinac Center, a Koch bros. sponsored group, created a study indicating dead people are the most flagrant violators of food stamp use in the state.

In related news ALEC is looking at this law and the possibility of using it as a base for expelling dead students from state supported colleges nationwide.

* (note) these policies are already in the place in the states DHS.

And a link showing more ignorance by Michigan’s elected officials.



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