If you’re trying to make things easier, try harder.

To protest or not to protest, that is my question today.

After about 10 years of joining in and watching protest activities in this country I am beginning to question the value of such action.

My first adventure in this area involved working with Moveon, working to get out the vote in 2003.

At that time Moveon was described as a group of radicals by the MSM.  Radicals? They supported the Democratic candidate for president.  Since when is supporting a major party candidate considered radical? To answer my own question I will say since the MSM was taken over by the corporate powers in this country.

Since then many other groups have come and gone. Get the money out, move to amend, color of change and occupy just to name a few that come to mind.  Some of these are still here but appear to be diminished in power.

For the past 10/12 years a small group has gathered on a busy street corner in my town in protest of the wars. I recently asked one of them “what have you accomplished in your 10 years of protesting?” The reply was “well they are not throwing things at us as much as they used to.”

In my state there have been lengthy petition gathering activities. To this day none have been successful in achieving their primary goal.  They got some things on the ballot but were defeated in the elections.

I post this today because last night a request was sent to me to join in a petition drive to ban fracking in Michigan

If you are interested in joining the group go here. letsbanfracking.org.

We should look at other activities in our pursuit of creating an America for ALL the people again.

Some suggested activities will be posted here tomorrow, feel free to send your ideas in.

Below is a link of what I found to be interesting video regarding the death of Margaret Thatcher.



2 thoughts on “If you’re trying to make things easier, try harder.

  1. Well, I lived in England in the 80’s which were the “Thatcher years” and I have a very clear memory of the problems. I was constantly asked to justify Reagan’s various actions and I still have an old tattered poster depicting Reagan carrying Thatcher up a staircase in a spoof of “Gone With The Wind. Comments varied from calling Reagan “Thatcher in trousers” to calling Thatcher “Reagan in skirts.” They were mirror images. She was hated by most people I knew, but I don’t like the grave dancing that is going on now. It seems cowardly. Why not speak out when the person is alive? But of course she was not mentally able to defend herself for the last years. My strongest memories: the horrific miners’ strike and the faces of the desperate miners who were doomed in trying to face down her government; the “Falklands” war (rightly called The Malvinas) and the comic “attack” of British ships which took over a week to arrive are 2 examples. I love the UK just as I love my country, but seeing their faults clearly is a part of love, isn’t it? RIP Margaret Thatcher. You were a very fallible human being who made enormous mistakes in judgment in my opinion, but you and your family don’t deserve this postmortem contempt.


  2. thanks for the comment re Margaret Thatcher. In reply let me say. One fellow of my aquaintance told me. he spoke out against her when she was alive and had no qualms about continuing to do so just because she has died.


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