What can we do now?

Yesterday’s post talked about the many efforts made in the last 10 years to bring about change in this country.  I said some suggested activities to bring about change would be posted today so here they are.

Go Local

This means, begin moving your lifestyle to support your local communities.  Get your prescriptions filled at the local pharmacy. Move your banking activities from the big international banks to your local credit union.  Any and all economic activity should be pursued at the local level, if possible.

As Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman have said numerous times, pay off your credit cards. This could be a monumental task for some but, many have done it with success and many more will.

Doing this will remove the yoke of debt from your shoulders and you will no longer be living as an indentured servant.

From a political point of view we should all get involved.  Posting on the internet and signing petitions just won’t cut it. Attend your local political party’s meetings and speak up. Find the candidate that most closely shares your views and is most likely to win and support him/her in any way you can.

Note I have put most likely to win in bold text. This was done to emphasis the importance of not only getting our values expressed but also of getting them elected.  We may know of someone that completes the picture perfectly for us but to others would appear to be extreme. Supporting someone of this type is for the most a wasted effort as it usually results in just the opposite result than we wanted.

You also may want to consider running for office yourself. Think about it!

Late addition of link… this lady is very wise in her observations of American culture.



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