Today’s thoughts

Just saw Rudy Giuliani on moaning joe, first words out of his mouth “9/11”.  Who woulda thunk ?

 Michigan’s M-live had a story dealing with a candidate’s sexual preferences concerning Garnet Lewis, a candidate for state senate in the 32nd district.

This story unleashed a torrent of vitriol from the homophobes that troll the internet.

And speaking of M-live, they have just hooked up with a Mackinac Center dude to post stories regarding bills being brought up in Michigan’s congress. 

Come on folks and you wonder why you are losing customers?

Personally I joined the good people that are sending emails to M-live asking for some transparency.

In surfing the internet looking for more to share I found this video;  something positive to wrap it up for the day, check it out.

and notestoponder has a really good music video today find it here.


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