Tea Party Folk

Before reading this please take a moments silence in respect for the death of our national government as demonstrated by yesterday’s filibuster in the Senate……  Alright now back to the post.

During a conversation in a small group recently I said. “I was working with this tea party guy the other day”

Another member of group said “How do you know he was a tea party guy? Did he have a sign on?”

My reply “No but, I do recognize the characteristics and values demonstrated by such individuals.”

Perhaps he should have been referred to as a dude with tea party values?

Here are a few things that I consider tea party values. You can use this to find them in your daily encounters.

  1. They want the government the hell out of their life.  Unless their house is on fire or they are being robbed, or their tap water is not flowing , or they want the pot holes repaired, or they are flying on a plane, or they need a new battery for their Medicare provided wheel chair .
  2. They are offended by having to pay taxes to provide services to the deadbeats of this country. Rich folks who avoid taxes are exempt from this as they deserve government support for some imagined reason.
  3. They all hate President Obama. Many do not consider him to be their President.

Now here are a few characteristics I have seen in these folks.

  1. Most are white men in the 45 and up age group.
  2. Many of these men are supported by their wives. They don’t really have a job; they are entrepreneurs or perhaps working on the great American novel.
  3. Many of those not supported by their wives are living on inherited wealth.
  4. And based on the signs they carry in their rallies, spelling is not their strong point.


Disclaimer: No one I have met or talked to has declared themselves to be a member of the tea party; these are just general observations from my daily life.  If you have a disagreement with any of my observations please share them with me.


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