Friday April 19, 2013

The pursuit of the surviving brother responsible for the Boston bombing continues on every channel. Currently this action creates more questions.  Both brothers were from Chechnya, residing legally in the United States for an undetermined amount of time.  A time of two to seven years has been reported.

Of course the biggest question remains WHY?

The older brother is dead, if we can take the younger one alive perhaps this will shed some light on this question. Hopefully this will be the case; we do not need any more conspiracy theories floating around.

And if we take this guy alive we have to hope our government will be transparent with the facts.

Isn’t it a shame that we have reached a point in this country where we doubt information coming from any and all sources?

This, not trusting anyone, is a sign of the times of unrest we are living in and actually increases the frustration and anger that can and will lead to acts of terrorism.

We can overcome this state of affairs if we all join together to take our government back from the powers that are currently in control.  Please join me in these efforts.

Thank you


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