We cannot see Russia from our porch.


We can see the wag of a puppy’s tail upon returning home

We can see the smile on a child’s face upon receiving praise from a parent or teacher

We can see the warmth of a couple holding hands while walking through the park

We can see the pride on a young lad’s face after hitting one over the fence

We can see the tear in the heart of someone saying goodbye for the final time

We can see the joy of welcoming home one’s loved one from a distant place

We can see the patriotic pride in a wounded vet as he sings the national anthem

We can see the love demonstrated by civilians helping in times of national disasters

We can see the charity demonstrated by ordinary citizens working at soup kitchens

How about joining together and taking a moment today to see the good in this world?

So much going on we have to add this stuff and a few links.

And here is some earth shattering news to share today.

The Simpson Bowles commission used a study by two Harvard professors named Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.

This study has been used by various politicians worldwide in support of implementing austerity budgets.

Well lo and behold it appears the study was conducted using techniques perfected by none other than the Mackinac Center.  That is, disregarding facts that do not support a pre-conceived opinion.

Here is the link that explains this in detail.


While posting links, here is one to a video that I found stimulating.


check them both out today.


4 thoughts on “We cannot see Russia from our porch.

  1. Saw all the stuff regarding the huge error in the austerity budget stuff, but I didn’t realize it played such a role in the Simpson-Boles proposal. What an eye opener!!!


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