Reactions to the bombing in Boston


This was the chant shown on national television after the capture of the bombing suspect in Boston last week.

This brings to question, why this chant? Was it provoked by a single individual? Was it the only thing they could come up with?

I do recall seeing and hearing the same chant after Obama got Osama but this was more understandable as Osama had indeed orchestrated a deadly attack on the USA.

While there are many questions left to be answered, the bombing in Boston does not appear to me to be an attack on the USA.

It appears to me to be more of an attack on society and its current set of values and morals.

Have we citizens of the U.S. become so ego-centric that we now think any terrorist type activity is an attack on America?

Turn on any network or cable news show and you will see stories concerning goings on in America. Not a word about the rest of the world.

Oh there may be something about a new Pope being elected or very often we see something about Britain’s royal family but for the most part everything is about us.

While the U.S. is still the most powerful and *richest nation on earth, we are in fact a small portion of this worlds human existence.

*richest is strictly a monetary term, the way we treat our poor, our veterans and our elderly could create a question pertaining to our actual value.

A term I have not heard recently is “Freedom of the press”.  With 90 percent of our news outlets, both paper and electronic, being owned and controlled by 5 or 6 large corporations we do not have “Freedom of the press”. Perhaps this is the reason for our ego-centric thoughts.

And with the Koch brothers intended multimillion dollar purchase of newspapers in this country the situation will only get worse.

Latest data I could find says there are 81 gun deaths in America every day. Where are the runs  about this condition?

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