The bombs went off in Boston and then…

Like bees to a freshly bloomed honeysuckle, reporters from every news outlet in America assaulted the street corners of Boston.

They buzzed incessantly hoping to get a smidgen of news, the nectar for their ratings gods; gods which they humbly serve.

Reporters waved frantically to get our attention so they could tell us “there is something happening here, we don’t know what but we do know something is happening.”

I waited patiently for Buffalo Springfield’s “Stop children what’s that sound” to fire up as background music.

And then the suspects were either captured or killed..

The networks went to step two.

Find and interview people who were, in any stretch of the imagination, attached to either the suspects or the victims.

The local stations not to be outdone in this ratings bonanza were quick to find local residents who had participated in the race; each one having a “if I had been a minute (earlier/later)” story.

Along with this came the national display of patriotism, with a group sing along of “Sweet Caroline”.

 This was followed closely by “Run for Boston” events.

Now then….

Ninety percent of what transpired here was just plain bullshit.  Whenever an event like this occurs in America corporate boards ask the question. How can we profit from this? Or in some cases how can we control our losses?

Gun sales did surge again after the event giving the NRA and Walmart great joy. Walmart exes were reportedly smiling as they conferred on where best to stash their annual bonuses.

The profit motive for news distributers is obvious but, what does major league baseball have to do with the events?  And why do we need all these run for Boston rallies?

As I said 90 percent bs, the 10 percent is the reporting of the event and any additional actual facts.

If, we as a nation want to hold run for rallies and join hands while singing  Kumbaya to show our support for the victims of tragic events, perhaps we should all do so in honor of the 80 plus people in our country that die EACH day because of gunshot wounds.


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