Late post today and sort of off the wall

A wise lady from Canada posts a daily blog under the name notestoponder. I read her blog daily as it is always both interesting and entertaining.

This led me to thinking of something that I have pondered occasionally in the past.

Have you ever wondered why a squirrel will run both ways when crossing a street?  I mean the little critter can be 3/4s of the way across and upon sensing an oncoming vehicle will reverse direction and head back to where the journey began.

What is it in this pea sized brain that causes the squirrel to run back 20 or 30 feet rather than continuing on the 5 or 10 feet to safety?  Occasionally this action leads to the critter becoming a dinner for various birds.

Giving this some thought I am thinking perhaps it is a natural instinctive reaction, when confronted with a perplexing condition retreat to a safe place?

This led me to think perhaps we as humans have similar instinctive reactions? When confronted with perplexing situations do we retreat to safety?  Do we pop open the Bible or a beer? Do we turn on the television or join our friends in cheerful banter?

We cannot overlook the fact that many of our actions are strongly influenced by outside forces. It may be lifetime learning or a barrage of media sensationalism.

The invasion of Iraq is an example of the latter. And the Boston bombing is another example.

How do we respond when we hear our government is creating laws that take away our voting rights?

How do we respond when we hear our government is creating laws that continue to make survival of the weakest among us more difficult?

There are additional activities by our government that we should respond to in more aggressive actions then just running back to our personal safety nets.

Next time you are confronted by such a situation do not be a squirrel, get up and do something about it!


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