The freedoms we have as Americans?

Have you ever heard one of those right wing characters saying “The reason the Muslims hate us so much is they’re jealous of our freedoms?”  Yes and so have I.

And I always wonder what freedoms they are talking about?

Freedom of Assembly, and freedom of speech?

Voting rights?

Freedom of religion?

Snippet “With this in mind, Rep. Frank Wolf, R.-Va., and Rep. Anna Eshoo, D.-Calif, have proposed that the U.S. State Department have a special envoy for vulnerable religious minorities. (The idea has a precedent, as Wolf has pointed out; already, the U.S. has a Sudan special envoy and a North Korea envoy to monitor human-rights violations.) gives the bill only a 26 percent chance of getting past committee, and a 7 percent chance of being enacted.”

Full article link..

We could go on but, if you look you will find the corporate powers running this country have infringed on every basic right we have in our bill of rights in one way or another;  With the glowing exception of their cherished right to have killing tools.

These words are of course my opinion. If you disagree with them feel free to comment or send me email at


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