Just a few silly thoughts today

Scared the hell out of myself this morning…

Stepped out of the shower and saw a saggy old fart looking at me.  Momentary shock until I realized I was looking in the mirror.

“Moanin” Joe big news this morning..

NBA basketball player comes out; As far as I can tell everybody but the pope has come out in support of this guy?  Have not heard from Limbaugh yet so I would guess the republicans are waiting for instructions on how to respond.

Local television shows people complaining about pot holes in the roads. Damn socialists, if they want the holes in the roads patched they should get up off their duffs and patch them. Some people want the government to bail their butts out all the time.

And now a story about how the government wants to raise rates for water. We pay taxes water should be free, unless you are a member of Nestle’s board of directors in which case water is or should be a for profit commodity.

Speaking of for profit enterprises, did you see where that judge got 28 years for sending kids to private prisons on a for profit basis?  Geeze, can’t a guy make an honest living in this country anymore? We should be praising this guy for his entrepreneurial spirit.


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