Local news that made Rush Limbaugh sit up straight

Buena Vista Township

A small suburb of a small city in Michigan

Sometime back the township clerk used a racial slur when talking on the phone in reference to another township official.

Unbeknown to the clerk this conversation was recorded.  And sure enough the slur was made public by a political opponent a few months later.

Having been born and raised in this community I am fully aware of the racism that exists here.  The door of racism of course swings both ways with every ethnic group having their share of racist bigots.

Hearing of this my first reaction was a small smile thinking dirty politics in action. The seasoned politician got caught and soon would be paying the price for her indiscretion.  She would be out of a job soon.

Well not so fast buddy, the one and only,the gasbag of the right, Rush Limbaugh got wind of this situation. In his never ending quest for ratings and stirring up racial hatred, he made a big deal of a Democratic white woman calling a Democratic black man an arrogant N-word.

This reminds me somewhat of the actions of Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton when a black man was gunned down by the police in our fair city. But I digress.

With Limbaugh jumping into the fray it became a bigger deal then it originally was. There was a board meeting/hearing last night and more chatter in the local internet groups than I have seen in sometime.

The lady did not attend the meeting perhaps on the advice of her attorney, perhaps out of fear. No reason was given.  The offended man eventually forgave the lady. (a political move)? The board voted to censure her for her actions but allowed her to keep her job.

Additional personal thoughts on this are:

As expressed last night I thought the lady should apologize and step down from her job. We do not want people that have those attitudes/thoughts in their minds in leadership positions no matter what their political affiliation.

The volume of chatter in the local Democratic group’s page while being active was limited to just a few of us.  Nothing was heard from many of the well known members of the Democratic Party. Do they put party before human dignity?

I am going to publish this now at the risk of pissing off a few people but pissing a few people off is far better than letting it go.


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