Why support Unions?

Working on something to explain why I support unions has given me fits.

I wrote a two page essay detailing different examples of management abuse of employees.

This appeared to me to do a good job of explaining my position but, my preferred style is short pithy statements.

A two page essay did not fit this style.

I then deleted the first three of four examples attempting to keep it short and concise.

This again did not provide the answer I was looking for.

While it did in fact give a detailed story of the case of management’s abusive use of power over a non-union worker, it was still to wordy.

So I will just post this brief statement of the cases.

First case involved a worker who was called in to work and sent home after a short stint, not really earning enough to pay for the gas required to go and return from work place.

Second case involved a worker who was fired within a week of being hired with no due process.

Third case involved a worker who was threatened with disciplinary action for taking child to doctor in emergency situation.

And forth case involved a worker who was disciplined for an infraction and discipline included going before management staff and tearfully apologizing for the violation of company rules.

Each of these cases while different in nature does have a common bond with the others.

That common bond is management’s total disregard for basic human respect and dignity.

More and extensive details of each case would be provided if anyone asks. In the meantime  join me in seeking strength in numbers.


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