Rambling story

This one is an example of “random thoughts”

Got a letter from the power company last week.

They told me I was “good”, not excellent but at least good. This really made me feel good.  I wanted to write them back thanking them for the compliment but thought that is so old fashioned what with email and all.  Then I thought calling would be a better choice.  Tried this and got a machine that said “If this is an emergency hang up an call back when we find someone to answer the phone, para espanol puncho numero ocho, for English hit 1” and so on.  Not wanting to navigate through this myriad, I hung up.

I gave some thought to framing the letter but in very small print on the bottom of letter it said “printed in China” sort of took the glory out of it for me.

That evening a young lady came to the front door. When I opened the door she said “We have been assigned to check your gas usage.”  I of course asked her “And who assigned you this task?” she replied “My manager, synergy power” flashing a photo badge hanging round her neck. She continued “I just have to look at the bottom of your energy bill to determine your usage.”  I gave a momentary thought to showing her my letter but instead just told her “I do not have my energy bill and do not have time for an analysis of my energy usage.”  The young lady thanked me for my time and left.

I then turned to lovely wife and told her it appeared to be some sort of sales technique and said. “If the opening line had been different, I may have given her more time but it sounded like a scam operation to me.”

Lovely wife, in one of her finest moments agreed with me.

Now; what about the young lady? While, people knocking on your door uninvited, is a much less common event today than it was years back, it does still occur.

In some respect this offends me, having people knock on my door and attempting to invade my personal life-time. But in thinking back to my days as a Fuller Brush salesman I tend to give these people credit.  They are in fact performing a job, trying to make a living in a manner not conducive to creating lasting friendships.  So, much like the people that knock on my door trying to convert me and/or save my soul, they are treated with respect.

Have not purchased anything from a door to door salesman in years and my soul has yet to be saved and I do not expect any changes in either of these conditions. But will not use any aggressive methods to discourage these people.


One thought on “Rambling story

  1. I agree treating those door to door sales people with respect is important. That would be a tough job. When Jim use to answer the door he always bought what ever they were selling; candy, cookies, candles…. He probably would have told me to get the consumers bill for the lady:)


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