Sunday afternoon, Religion?

A while back I had a conversation with a senior citizen; a white woman with Christian values and an avowed racist. I know this because in our conversation she said. “This country is not ready for a black president or a woman president for that matter.” My immediate response was, “Wow that sounds likes a racist comment”. She replied “So be it.”

She has expressed her religious beliefs with typical statements. “In stressful times we must all pray to Jesus” or “I am not afraid because I have accepted Jesus into my life and I am saved.”

This conversation came to an abrupt end when she admitted to being racist as I so no possibilities of helping this lady escape from her fantasy world.

And now we meet again. This time she starts with the common right wing phrase. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” My quick retort was, “Then why do you need guns?” She had no reply. I then told her about the five year old who had just killed his two year old sister with his “first rifle” in Kentucky.  Her response was “Well it is time for Jesus to come back, this world needs it’s savior now.”

Damn! Is there any hope for these people? And can we ever expect to make any progress with so many people like her living in a bubble?


If you receive comfort and or solace from your religion and your religious beliefs, go for it. I am in no way suggesting you give up your religion, I am however asking you to not be blinded by your faith to such a degree that you refuse to face reality and hide behind your religion whenever a crisis arrives.


3 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon, Religion?

  1. I agree with so many of your sentiments and generally share your liberal views on most issues. However I part company with fellow liberals when it comes to issues of foreign policy and terrorism committed on American soil. You refused to debate me concerning your statement that those poor terrorists in Mass. were somehow the victim to the white corporate power structure throughout the world and a history of colonialism as well. Let me remind you that Osama Bin Laden was born into wealth, bigtime wealth. He represented a strain of Islamic thought that holds all “nonbelievers” as “infidels” worthy of death. Yes all of this is off topic, but I also dont appreciate being called “A troll” as you described me in a previous blog!! Unless liberalism can recognize that nation states have both a freedom and an obligation to protected their people, you will continue to admire and love those who bring death and destruction to innocent American citizens. However perhaps you dont believe any American citizen is an “innocent” victim or target of acts of terror? Perhaps in your view, if ONLY we gave more foreign aid to those poor members of the Taliban or related associates in Kazakhstan and Chechniya then the would think just like Western Liberals such as yourself? Who is being the more patronizing here, liberals such as yourself who paint a broad brush and ASSUME that everyone is a victim of Third World Poverty and hence are READY recruits for terrorist activities?
    Its just so simple to BLAME AMERICA for acts of terror. The LIMOSUINE LIBERAL and their COHORTS in national MACHOSIM simply cannot resist the desire to blame all world patholigies on either Western Colonialism or the
    “White Male Corporate Power structure”.

    Its truly sad that otherwise enlightened men such as yourself find a ready excuse for people to kill innocents as they go about their daily living. May God forgive you, because I certainly cant.


  2. Brian, thank you for your reply.
    You are vastly distorting my view. either because you do not understand what i am posting or because you do understand and just disagree with what I am posting. I did reply to your last note. My reply stated Osama was a wealthy man.
    As for the culprits in Boston, you may want to do some background study on how Russia has oppressed Chechyna for centuries. How the brothers transferred this anger to America is a topic in and of itself and I am not going to go into it at this time.
    As for debating you, this blog is my personal thoughts, opinions and I have no intention of spending a vast amount of time in an endless internet debate with you or anyone else here. There are numerous groups/sites on the internet full of constant debate on these issues. If that is what you are looking for, I would be glad to provide you with links.


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