A couple of replies in the past week from a gentleman have inspired this post.

Both replies were concerned with what he determined to by my desire to have pity on the terrorists that have caused havoc in this world. This is basically a miss-understanding of what I have been saying.

My suggestions were basically we should use a different approach to fighting this terrorism, rather than having a war on terrorism why not have a war on the conditions that create terrorist in this world. This is almost a repeat of the original blog that brought the first reply..


I did not call for unregulated foreign aid. I suggested government and private industry should work together to alleviate the human suffering in our world.

The reply also talked about a strain of Islamic thought that holds all nonbelievers as “Infidels” worthy of death. Well lo and behold we have right wing Christians in the good old US of A that have the same feelings about Muslims.

He speaks of nation states having a freedom and an obligation to protect their people.  I do not recall ever saying the opposite of this.

And nowhere have I found an excuse for any terrorist acts, I have suggested a possible cause. If one were to look into the background of Russia’s treatment of Chechyna over the years, one may have some additional insight into what motivated the dudes in Boston.

When the U.S. first broke loose from the imperialistic yoke of England the settlers would have been called terrorists and unpatriotic and so on.  You see one man’s terrorists could be another’s hero.

A couple more thoughts on this.

The aristocrats of the world love this, when the plebes fight amongst themselves they become oblivious to who is really hoarding the wealth.

The terrorists I fear most and hopefully you will join me in this, are the millions of people in this country that are armed to the teeth and are accumulating an arsenal in their bedrooms. This is being foisted on the American public by all the hate radio commentators and this is something we should all work to stop.

Our nation state should use the freedom it has and perform the obligatory actions necessary to protect its citizens from these home grown terrorists.


3 thoughts on “Terrorism

  1. I am glad I found your blog, it is thought provoking and insightful! I agree, tackle the problems that fuel the anger and hatred that subsequently create these terrorists – it is a logical solution!


    • sian, and I am glad you found this blog also. we must all work together to eliminate the problems in this world that pits man against man. thanks for the reply.


      • Couldn’t have said it better! And that is not a problem, I felt inclined to post a comment, thanks for checking out my blog as well (:


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