FBI arrests Minnesota man for possible terrorist attack

Today’s blog is an extension of yesterday’s blog that ended with my concern for home grown terrorists.

The Southern Poverty Law Center states there are now 2405 active extremist groups in the U.S.

They have identified 102 such groups in Michigan.

Nationally the groups are classified as follows:

General Hate 198

Ku Klux Klan 163

Black separatist 151

Neo-Nazi 138

Racist skinhead 138

White nationalist 135

Christian identity 54

Neo-confederate 30

This represents an increase of 800 percent since President Obama was first elected.

These groups vary in size and could be as small as a family and a few friends (8) to an unknown number in national groups.

The SPLC has worked for years in exposing and eliminating these groups, for more information you can visit their web site at…


The link below connects to a story about a Minnesota man who was just arrested on suspicions of a terrorist act.



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