Why is that so?

A man and a woman married 50 years or so can often end each other’s sentences; sometimes even say the whole sentence. “I know what you are thinking”.

And yet they can both experience the same event and see something completely different.

Why is that so?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a record high, rising 130 percent in the last four years.

Poverty rates in America are at the highest level in decades, one in seven living in poverty.

Why is that so?

A forty five year old man laments about the possibility of not having Social Security when he retires.

The same forty five year old man continues to vote for people that are trying to eliminate Social Security.

Why is that so?

“Guns don”t kill people, people kill people”

Firearm related deaths and severe injuries by children continue to grow.

Why is that so

 It costs approximately $12,000 per year to keep a student in school in Connecticut.

It costs more than $31,000 a year to keep an individual in prison.

We continue to cut funding for education while building more prisons.

Why is that so?

Wall Street banks borrow from the federal government at about 0.75 percent interest.

Student loans are on schedule to go up to almost 7 percent.

Why is that so?

Embassy attacks under Bush eleven, congressional investigations zero.

Embassy attacks under Obama two, congressional investigations nine and counting.

Why is that so?

I could go on pointing out more examples of good people doing things against both logic and their best interests but I think the first query actually answers the questions that follow it.

We must all work together at opening the eyes of the masses.


One thought on “Why is that so?

  1. How can a young man write his dissertation on IQ and immigration as a policy issue and get his Ivy League PhD degree? I thought everyone knew of the white bias in testing IQ; and there is a growing realization that IQ is not correlated with wisdom, initiative, innovation, creativity, drive, or many attributes we will need to regain our position in the innovative era. How can so many Fortune 500 CEO’s be immigrants if IQ were the deciding measure of becoming an American?


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