Income Inequality, a Scourge on our World.

Five or six years ago, while having burgers and beer with three young men,  after an enjoyable round of golf  the conversation turned from golf to the economy.

I made a statement. “As far as I am concerned this economy will not turn around until we find a way to get some of the wealth to the middle class.” This caused one of the young fellows to turn to another and using a stage whisper say, “Sounds like we have one of those Democrats with us.”

My immediate response was, “Hell yes, I am a pinko-commie, crack head ho, bleeding heart liberal.”

This statement was made to clarify the my sentiments before further discussion.

The three men, all about 25 years younger than me, were all educated professionals, not professional golfers, but in their careers. The one who called me out being a county prosecutor, his brother is a school teacher and the third is a financial writer. I was somewhat surprised to find two government employees that were supportive of tea party politics. The financial writer not so much as he writes about Wall Street and investments.

I mentioned to the county prosecutor that the tea party folks were trying to eliminate his job. He responded with “no they are trying to get rid of federal employees.”

I did not get a chance to ask the school teacher how he felt about the Republican’s continuing assault on teachers as the conversation quickly went back to golf or something else far from politics.

Do not know if this was because of their respect for the old fart they were in disagreement with or because they decided it was better not to ruin an enjoyable day with a heated political argument.

And now I stumble on this TED video. Some have said the video was banned by the producers of TED but they have stated that it was not banned, it was just not selected. Any way this is the video, check it out, I think it explains my point very well.

And as an additional feature here is a link to Bill Mahar’s humorous thoughts on the income inequality so prevalent in not only the U.S. but as a worldwide epdemic.


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