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With the financial difficulties in the Buena Vista school district causing the closure of the schools, someone has suggested sending the children to school in Frankenmuth.

This of course called for action from the Republican state representative from Frankenmuth.  In a move designed to maintain the purity of Frankenmuth schools. The representative is working on a bill to restrict students from attending schools in a district located east of their residence.  This is being touted as a child safety measure as no bus driver should have to face the sunrise in the eastern sky while transporting our precious children to school.

The representative is seeking the help of the 32nd district state senator in this effort. The senator is working with ALEC and the chamber of commerce in writing the bill so it will include a profit for an as yet unnamed corporate sponsor.

And the Mackinac Center is creating a paper that will in essence prove nothing but will say whatever is needed to promote the goal of keeping Frankenmuth schools pure.  This will be released to local news outlets that will publish it as Gospel.

Elected officials at the local, state and national levels have all asked Governor Snyder to use some of the states rainy day funds to allow these children the opportunity to finish the year.  Snyder and the Republicans running this state have decided to leave the children out in the cold. They have chosen hoarding the extra money the state is receiving this year rather than providing a temporary bailout so the children can finish the year and graduate as planned.

Not sure why this decision was made, perhaps they want to give themselves another tax break later in the year?

But you all remember in years gone by when at Thanksgiving the grandchildren were sat at a card table in the other room?   Well, this year the party of greed has not even allowed the grandchildren in the house.


4 thoughts on “Local stuff here

  1. “In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love. If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way. ”
    ― Michael Jackson


  2. Just to make a small correction…the Representative for the district that includes Frankenmuth is from Saginaw Township. His name is Tim Kelly. Your article appears to be pointing toward former Rep. Ken Horn. Ken is no longer in office and cannot make a legislative move with ALEC, the Chamber, or the state Senator to “maintain the purity” of Frankenmuth.

    Here are a couple of questions that you may be able to find answers for…

    Why hasn’t the AG started an investigation for the $400,000+ misappropriation of taxpayer money by the Buena Vista School District?

    Why does the Superintendant of BV receive a salary of approximately $160. per student as opposed to Saginaw Twp. Community Schools Superintendant’s salary of approximately $30. per student?



    • Thank you for your reply correcting my blog. I should have said the man that represents Frankenmuth. My bad. And yes the items you listed should all be addressed. do not know if the misappropriation of taxpayer money was the result of ignorance or just trying to get away with something, i suspect the later. The superintendent’s salary is another item I knew nothing about. This also should be scrutinized. Now then my blog is an attempt at satire, the stuff I wrote about the legislators, ALEC, the Mackinac Center and so on were just a mockery of real life. The comments about Snyder are something I added at the last minute and read closer to the truth.
      Again thank you for your input, we can only move forward with open discussion.


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