Good News!!

The aristocrats running the state of Michigan have caved to public pressure and provided funding so that Buena Vista’s children can finish the school year. This was done in spite of 32nd district Senator Roger Kahn coming out against the bailout.

Kahn sort of reminds me of Dick Cheney only with more greed and less heart. And we will be so happy when this obstinate dude is term limited out.

Devos and the Koch brothers probably have Snyder out in the wood shed where he will be receiving a spanking on his bare behind. A thought too ugly to picture so just put it out of your mind.

Devos and the aristocrat’s efforts at privatizing all education in Michigan have suffered a setback and that is a good thing.

The battle is far from over but we are making progress in returning our country to a true Democracy of, for and by the people.

Case in point is the walkout/strikes taking place at fast food establishments across the country for the last few weeks.  This is reminiscent of the late 1800s when the workers joined forces with many to bring about the eight hour work day.  In Detroit, Michigan McDonalds called in extra workers to fill in for the strikers, and the workers called in joined the strikers. These workers are calling for a wage of $15.00 an hour.

This is good news but, on the national scene the Republican’s in the house are continuing their battle against the workers of the country. Just recently passing a bill designed to eliminate overtime pay.

The occupy movement was another example of the citizens of this country trying to regain our government from the ruling classes. There are various reasons for this movement’s demise but, not often mentioned is the coordinated effort of the Wall Street bankers, the FBI and the Homeland Security Department to put them out of business.

The IRS situation is another example of middle class folks trying to stick it to the man. Those people knew full well that the fake grass roots organizations were indeed political. They also knew they could not stop them but, they could maybe slow them down. Unfortunately President Obama has caved to the pressure brought forth by the MSM and removed the head of the IRS.

Much more but I am running long.


2 thoughts on “Good News!!

  1. Thanks John, a little background on the school deal. The community threatened with closure is predominately black. The community of Frankenmuth is a lily white closed town just to the east of Buena Vista..Frankemuth was formed by German settlers a couple hundred years ago . It was basically a farming community but way back then they refused to allow the railroad to come into town with a depot and a grain elevator, built it about 10 miles away in order to keep the rowdies out. And that is why i posted the sarcastic post about the state passing silly laws to keep Frankenmuth pure.


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