Tons of “stuff” going on but

I thought a silly day was on order for today so.

How about we all pick a day in the next week where we allow ourselves to be a child again?

The lovely wife upon hearing this from me replied. “How about you pick a day when you choose to be an adult?”  But she seems to have a different view then mine.

Anyway back to the project at hand.

First we should pick a childhood age we want to be.  This takes some thought as we all have both pleasant and unpleasant memories of our childhoods. Keep in mind that for the most, the younger the child the more innocent the child.

For me it will be somewhere in the 10 to 12 year old time. These years bring back pleasant memories to me.  I remember getting up in the summer mornings, putting on a pair of jeans a t-shirt and some tennis shoes and heading off to the school yard for a day of games and crafts.  This summertime activity was sponsored by either the school system or the city not sure who but it was a fun time for all.

And some days, when it was really hot we would put a card table under the chestnut tree and have a rousing game of Monopoly; enjoying a cool glass of lemonade or perhaps the sugary sweetness of cherry flavored Kool-Aid.

So join me in going back to our childhood, recall a time/day in your childhood and replay it either in actuality or over a cool lemonade.

You can all share your precious moments here with us if you so desire but whatever you do, do enjoy them.


3 thoughts on “Tons of “stuff” going on but

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