Friday Morning ‘s Random Thoughts

Anyone who has reached senior citizen status can attest to the fact that time goes by much faster as we age but, damn it seems to me like Snyder has been Governor of Michigan forever.  Will we ever be released from this scoundrels grasp?

Michigan’s general economy as measured by standard of living and median income has been going down ever since Snyder and the Republicans took control.

The education levels in the state continue to decline under their drastic cuts in funding to education.

The roads and bridges in Michigan are crumbling yet Snyder and the Republicans do nothing.

And at the national level:

Well this morning the news tells me Lois Lerner , the lady that took the 5th in congress’s IRS hearing has just been put on a 30 day leave.

Say what? Is this an overreaction by the IRS or is there really something going on here?

My cynical mind tells me it is an overreaction but I have been wrong in the past and will control myself until the whole story comes out.

World stuff:

March Against Monsanto

This is supposed to be big, their fb page lists marches scheduled worldwide to take place Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Having heard disparaging remarks about Monsanto over the past few years, I have to confess to being ignorant to the activities of the corporation and still have a somewhat mixed opinion on this.

My first thoughts are “with the continuing population explosion in the world, we need to develop more ways to produce food to feed the masses.”

However those opposed to Monsanto seem to be of the opinion that Monsanto is actually doing more harm than good.

Anyway one link to find a march near you is provided here.


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