March on Monsanto Mt. Pleasant, Mi

King Corn (film)

King Corn (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I went to Mount Pleasant, Mi. on a fact finding visit. Following are a couple of quotes I picked up.

“We don’t hate big business, we hate EVIL business”

“Eat organic and you pay the farmer now or you can pay the hospital later.”

“I am a product of Monsanto”

This march was well attended and well organized.

I met some nice people who are dedicated to their cause and took many pictures.

They recommended three documentaries that all should watch for more information regarding what Monsanto is doing to us.

“King Corn”

“Food Inc.”


Have not seen any of these but will do so as time allows.

I also plan on posting many of the pictures from the event when I have time to figure out how to properly format the page with pictures, stay tuned for further updates.

Continue with your holiday weekend and enjoy!


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