A sign of the Times?

During a brief discussion concerning the recent gunshot death of a 17 year old girl at a pre-prom party I said “It’s a sign of the times.”

Asked to clarify I continued. “We have bombings at public events, they are still rioting in Syria, and children are gunning each other down on a daily basis at an ever increasing rate.”

And “the conditions are worse that I have seen in my lifetime.”

Having spent my entire life in this community I never felt the need to arm myself as a means of self defense.  And now we have people buying guns and ammunition at a rate unheard of in the past.

What is it? What force has created this fear amongst the peace loving citizens of this country?  (Peace loving?)

Do you remember the rousing cheer from the crowd when Governor Perry of Texas was questioned about having the most executions of any state in the union?

Have we as a nation changed from a peace loving, help the unfortunate nation to a vengeful, killing nation?

Based on spending on prisons exceeding spending on schools and the continuing elimination of aid to the poor and disgruntled expressions voiced over foreign aid, it appears so.

Now consider the fact that religion has the strongest influence on our government that it has had in my lifetime, perhaps longer.

Is there a connection?

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to take on a case which may push us further into becoming a theocratic nation. The case is Town of Greece v. Galloway, U.S. Supreme Court, No. 12-696.

Think about it and share your opinions with me. Perhaps we will all understand better what the hell is going on in this world we live in.


7 thoughts on “A sign of the Times?

  1. Interesting. With anything like this i say embrace it. Let them have their prayers, and make sure a Muslim Iman does it at least once a week. Ensure a FSM adherent praises His Noodly Appendage on Fridays (FSM’s special holy day). Invite Hindus and Zoroastrians to give their prayers. Have Druids and Wiccans dance naked. Hell, I’m sure we could even find a few Mithraists still floating around. Literally bombard the council with sooooo many requests that Christians are sidelined by the weight of every other religion. I reckon it’d be more than easy to find 365 different religions to take up every day.


      • It seems the only way to counter these people. Let them listen to a (polytheistic) Santeria priest, then a Scientologist, followed by a practitioner of Bahaism…. and wait for them to freak out 😉

        You should write them in the city and encourage this. i’ll help if need be.


  2. I appreciate you bringing up these questions. I have had a number of conversations dealing with the same subject matter. I’m not sure if religion is the cause or if it’s just being used as an excuse to further this mean-spiritedness that has become so pervasive in these times. It is definitely connected but Christianity isn’t to blame ; “Christians” are to blame!
    A number of “Christians”, especially fundamentalists, have forgotten what being Christian means. Christian means to be Christ-like. And if they haven’t forgotten then they just refuse to recognize Christ’s teachings. I like to call these people Mega-Christians.
    These Mega-Christians sally forth, with arms outstretched, hands and heads facing heaven, to their local mega-church and get good dose of mega-rapture, which leads them to the next level of mega-judgement on anyone that does not fall in their line of mega-belief. Then, after mainlining their daily mega-dose of mega-scripture, they disengage their moral compass and proceed to deplete, denigrate, destroy and deviate from the path that they claim to be on and become mega-hypocrites.
    This Mega-Christian fervor creates the atmosphere of an unwillingness to celebrate diversity, eradicate poverty, embrace peace and the environment or anything else which demonstrates a social conscience, let alone consciousness. This, in turn, leads them to believe that the world is coming to its inevitable end which all along they aided in this self fulfilled prophecy. But, like devout Catholic mob bosses that go to confession, they think their souls are covered because they’re “Christians” and that they get to go to “heaven” and everyone else is damned and going to the Lake of Fire.
    I am not anti-Christ or anti-Christian (God, I hope I’m not the Anti-Christ!) however, I am anti-hypocrisy. I strive to be a spiritual person, and yes, I pray everyday. And maybe I’m being judgemental and too critical of Mega-Christians but I can’t help it, because I’m on a personal Uber-Mega-Spiritual path. Thanks for letting me rant.


    • Gerry, Nice rant. I especially liked this line. “I am not anti-Christ or anti-Christian (God, I hope I’m not the Anti-Christ!) however, I am anti-hypocrisy”
      Carry on, carry on!


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