Or Current Resident

Don’t you just love it when you get something in the mail with this address on it?

On the one hand you could be offended, how important am I to this company if they feel “current resident” is just as valuable?

But on the other hand (I like to talk like an economist sometimes) you can rest assured this piece of junk mail can go directly to the shredder/trash bin with no further effort.

And speaking of current resident, perhaps most tv shows should be addressed to current resident. I mean most of what we see is just trash and/or bullshit; depending of course, on your point of view.

Just watched a clip of George Carlin linked to by a fellow blogger…. Who it appears thinks most people should be listed as “current resident”


George Carlin is also of the opinion that most if not all communications with people should be addressed to “current resident”.

My view is not as drastic as Carlin’s as much of the thoughts for my blog come from listening to people; more from people that I disagree with than those that agree with me. However there are times when I search for an escape from a conversation, mostly I just turn my ears off and nod occasionally during the consistent droning in my ear.

But you never know when you are going to pick up a gem.  Had a brief quote shared with me last night in which a tea bagger type said, “Kennedy would not qualify to be a Republican today, the party has become so liberal”? ??


2 thoughts on “Or Current Resident

  1. Teabilies have a serious problem with facts AND history. I had one the other day try to tell me Obama had outlawed the National Prayer Service day. I answered by asking if it was the same National Prayer Service he’d attended every year since becoming President. They didn’t respond 😦


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