Mackinac Policy Conference

English: Mug shot of Leona Helmsley.

English: Mug shot of Leona Helmsley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The annual Mackinac Policy Conference is up and running at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel.  This is a gathering of wealth similar to the days of the Great Gatsby.

The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, the only union still looked upon with favor in our country today.  Is sponsoring this grand event and have invited the wealthy from across the nation.

Of course the primary goal is promoting the state Republican’s goals of wealth accumulation for the few at the expense of the many and convincing the many that this is a good thing.

Jeb Bush, possible presidential candidate in 2016 despite what his mom says, is supposed to be keynote speaker.  He has already laid heaps of praise on Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder.

Snyder is in a bit of a quandary here as his loyalty has always been to Dick DeVos who is also in attendance.  But worry not, Snyder is a shrewd politician and will work something out.

The agenda is to include a reading of proposed legislation submitted by ALEC. They are working on finding a way to submit these bills sans the ALEC heading.

After a few days of schmoozing the event will end with the presentation of the famed Leona Helmsley “Taxes are for the little people” award.   This much coveted award is an honor and many are doing behind the scenes politicking in an attempt to win it.

Contenders are too numerous to list as all the state Republicans in attendance have voted to raise taxes on senior citizens and cut funding to low income folks.



2 thoughts on “Mackinac Policy Conference

  1. Darn it, I must have misplaced my invitation. Jen Bush and his foundation have done more to turn back the clocks on public education and its unions in Florida than you can imagine. Michigan can keep him.


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