Free Pepe !!

Pepe Le Voucher was just harassed by local police on Mackinac Island. He was there to shed a light on the atrocities being discussed at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference that I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

Well, how long before Pepe is not just harassed but actually arrested? In a preventative mode and in order to maintain Pepe’s rights to assemble and free speech there is a true grass roots movement starting to “FREE PEPE” If you are interested in joining the group please contact me via email.

Or you can join by going to the Face book page

I have included a couple of links explaining in more detail the dastardly deeds being laid out by the plutocrats. Beware today they get the skunk, tomorrow it could be you or me!

Snyder and Duncan shadowed by Progress Michigan’s ‘Pepe Le Voucher’


For months, Snyder’s skunk works group was meeting behind closed doors

From The Detroit News:


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