June 1st 2013

One week ago a worldwide event (March On Monsanto) had almost 2 million protestors marching in the streets of the world. In big cities and small college towns worldwide these people were marching and beating drums and speechifying and handing out pamphlets.

Did you see any of this on television? Did any of the 24 hour cable news stations cover this event?

One of my local stations had some still photos sent in by participants and a 20 second story about the event but, that is all I remember seeing.

Compare that coverage with the coverage a small gathering of tea party types was getting just a few years back.

With the main stream media being controlled by just a handful of large corporations our usual sources of information are no longer reliable or trustworthy. It is only through social media and blogs that we can expect to learn what is really going on in this world.

Even PBS is under the influence of big money as displayed by their reluctance to air an excellent documentary “Citizen Koch”.   They did air a show talking about the income inequality in the U.S. but they also allowed the Koch brothers to insert a disclaimer either before or after the airing.

Much of this concentration of power can be attributed to the Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court a few years back.  Today there are over 200 groups opposed to and working to overturn that ruling. Click on the link, join and support one of these groups. Together we can win our world back from the oppressive forces.

Link for many groups fighting against citizens united…


Link to Citizen Koch movie….



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