Something to think about?

The Occupy Wall Street group held peaceful demonstrations worldwide. They were attacking the moneyed interests of Wall Street.

This group was infiltrated by the FBI even before the first occupation. They were squelched using the combined forces of the FBI, Homeland security and local police. They were treated like common thugs getting pepper sprayed and having their camps torn down by police in full riot gear.

If they got any pres s coverage, it was for the most part negative.

The Tea party groups came to rallies fully armed and attacking the Federal Government.  To date no mention of being infiltrated by the FBI has been made. No forces have squelched their efforts they continue to exist as a misguided force.

The tea party groups were given extensive media coverage and still are being treated with respect by the media.

They were handled with kid gloves with just a small cadre of uniformed officers at most events.

Now the question, which is really in control here?

And a special note to my friends in the March against Monsanto group.

Where do you suppose you stand?  Have you spotted any FBI infiltrators in your groups yet?

As this blog is being written thousands are protesting in Istanbul, Turkey.  This protest started as a result of the government trying to close a park so a shopping mall could be built. But as the head line states “It’s not about the trees anymore”

This blog mentions groups that are upset with conditions in the world today.

There are numerous other groups, each with their own agenda and each with their own complaint.

How about we all join hands and work together for a primary goal?  Let’s work towards bringing Democracy back to the world!


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