God Made me do it!

An image of John Boehner at the AT&T National ...

An image of John Boehner at the AT&T National golf tournament, July 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come on people let’s get real here.

Just finished reading a story in the Washington Post detailing how John Boehner was saved from being thrown out as speaker of the house after a group of radicals in the Republican Party spent a night in prayer and God told them to spare Boehner.


If these people really spent the night talking to God, how did they miss the part about feeding the poor and healing the sick?

I do have to hand it to the Republicans; they have indeed mastered the art of playing the Jesus card.  Best current example would be Mark Sanford newly elected representative from South Carolina.  Here is a guy that violated the 7th commandment “Thou shall not commit adultery” and on the peoples dime. He pulls out the Jesus card and gets elected to represent the good Christians of South Carolina’s 1st district.

And we should also mention the 6th commandment “Thou shall not kill”. The Republicans do hold this one dear to their hearts as demonstrated at abortion clinics nationwide.  This is of course the same group that cheered loudly upon hearing of Texas’s standing as the number one executioner in the country.  And wave the flag joyously when talking about Iraq, overlooking the thousands of innocent civilians killed as a result of the U.S. invasion.

It is not the Christian values that I despise, it is the hypocrisy !


2 thoughts on “God Made me do it!

  1. I think this appeared in the Onion. I copied it because it was so good:

    Jesus Christ Files Lawsuit Against GOP For Slander

    When asked about the lawsuit, House Speaker John Boehner made the following remarks:

    “Mr. Christ is entitled to his opinion, however the GOP believes that the underlying message in the Bible is that giving tax cuts to the wealthy is the true path to happiness.
    I don’t know where Mr. Christ thinks the Bible says to help the poor and the sick, but that sounds awfully socialistic to me, and we are not a socialist country.”


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