Well the Bradley Manning trial is still being held in secrecy in Fort Meade, Md.

Well again, it is not really being held in secret but based on the news coverage it appears to be.

Here is a case of our government going after an enlisted man for allegedly releasing classified documents to wikileaks.

The government would have known nothing about this were it not for their tapping of phone lines of most citizens of our country.

A very few politicians have expressed an opinion on this case with the only one going on record being ex vice president Dick Cheney who reportedly said. “Tell em Scooter did it.”

The release of these documents has caused a furor in Washington D.C. as the transparency is overwhelming even the most avid of leakers.

Soon, they say, there will be no secrets to sell.  This would result in them having to get a real job.

And in these times of planned economic recession getting a real job is no easy task.

Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement since being arrested is holding up remarkably well.

Expressing his love of country is only exceeded by his love of humanity. (such a wuss is he)

Manning released a video in which a group of Iraqi civilians and a Reuters journalist were fired on by an Army Apache helicopter after allegedly mistaking them for insurgents.

The military lightly calls deaths in these cases collateral damage.

(Another example of Republicans complete disregard for human life once it leaves the safety of the womb?)

Anyway, Manning appears to have thought the release of this type information would give the general public a view of the atrocities of war that he was seeing on a daily basis. Thinking this may have put a different perspective on the war to the world.

President Obama of the Democratic wing of the Corporate Party, has said nothing as he is busy working on some leaks of his own.

And from the Republican wing of the Corporate Party, war monger John McCain has much to say.

“John McCain called Cablegate “an incredible breach of national security.” But in the moment of candor that just cost him his job, P.J. Crowley admitted that “from a State Department perspective, we’re not really embarrassed by what came out. A British colleague observed that his opinion of US diplomacy went up as a result of reading the cables.” So while Crowley thinks “Manning is in the right place” – why, and based on what evidence, he does not say — neither he nor anyone at the Pentagon will say that Wikileaks has harmed national security.”



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