You always have to be packing heat ?

Folding Chair, Gray with green seats

Folding Chair, Gray with green seats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lovely wife, first born, her husband and I went to an event in the inner city a few days ago.

Jazz on Jefferson is what they call it. It includes tours of the museum, an old mansion, music, antique autos, food vendors and crafts.

We casually walked the 5 or 6 blocks from the Castle Museum to Saint Mary’s Cathedral; enjoying the music and the general ambience of the crowd.

Upon arriving at the parking lot of the cathedral we sit in some folding chairs awaiting a horse driven carriage ride back to our starting point. While waiting I observed a friendly fellow with a small dog who was taking a few pictures.  He was chatting it up with some people nearby and we overheard him say..

“In this neighborhood you have to always carry heat” as he patted his back pocket.  Lovely wife said “I hope not!” end of conversation.

Looking back I am thinking now why does he think “carrying heat” will be of any value to him?  There are shootings and killings almost weekly in this small city but, they are primarily gang killings most likely having to do with drugs.

While the possibility of dying from firearm discharge in America is about 1 in 500,000 carrying a gun actually increases the odds of such an event  rather than decreasing it. I mean really, come on buddy if you are caught in the crossfire of a gang fight or a drug deal gone bad, do you really think having a gun of your own is going to protect you?

Think about it and have a nice day while you’re at it.


4 thoughts on “You always have to be packing heat ?

  1. “…carrying a gun actually increases the odds of such an event rather than decreasing it”

    You don’t know that – you are just saying it because you believe it. It really depends on who is carrying, and why. Some doctor -forget his name for the moment – did a “study” a few years ago and declared having a handgun in your house increased your chances of being killed with a gun 43 times.

    Turned out he was basically full of it. If you were an ex-convict living with a drug dealer, maybe, but for most the “study” was totally irrelevant, and when some real scientists looked at it they showed his data actually showed just the opposite.

    People who carry guns publicly for criminal or illegal purposes no doubt do increase their chances of dying from guns.

    People who _legally_ get a concealed carry license and carry in public are not increasing their chances, but in fact decreasing the chances of being a victim of crime or violence.

    Studies show that people with a license will sometimes be arrested for firearms violations. However they do so at rate _equal_ to sworn police officers who sometimes also get arrested. But neither of these happen very often.

    I carry a concealed handgun – legally – in Texas. I also have car insurance, and I don’t listen to people who claim that having car insurance makes me more reckless and likely to have an accident. For the law abiding a concealed firearm is insurance for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.



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