NSA: The ultimate confessional booth

Still on the road, here is something worth reading and sharing. enjoy.


Intel_GreenDoorWho is the greater traitor?  The one who violates his first sworn oath to defend the Constitution?  Or the one who violates his secondary sworn oath to not reveal national secrets?

Which is the higher law of the land?  The Constitution or the 1917 Espionage Act?

Which is the more damaging to our national security and freedom?  An out-of-control government’s violation of its citizens most sacred of trusts and the Bill of Rights?  Or the actions of Edward Snowden in revealing such attacks upon our privacy and security as citizens? Was Snowden a pro-Constitutional sacrificial lamb or a Russian spy? I believe Snowden must answer for Snowden, and we may never know all the answers as to who is guilty or innocent in the Snowden affair.  What we do know is that while the NSA story has kept people occupied with a topic other than Obama’s IRS and Benghazi scandals, we…

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