Do we have to be profane to get our message out?

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a general conversation the other day a lady said she did not like the movie “Silver Lining Playbook” . Her reason for not liking movie was the profanity used in movie.

The conversation turned to a tv series “House of cards” and she said I should watch this show as it dealt with politics and the scandalous actions therein.

I told her she should watch the network show “Scandal” as this dealt with similar actions.

She said she did not like that show because of the interracial sex involved.

I asked her if she had seen the movie on HBO dealing with Liberace’s life and the rather explicit man on man sex scenes.  She replied that she had and did not find those scenes offensive.

So now we have a lady who does not like excessive profanity, does not like interracial sex but can accept homosexual activity.

This is not meant to criticize the lady, just to express the vast difference of values that can be held by one person.

Now back to the original question of profanity being required to get our message out.

I thought the movie was a good movie and the profanity was just part of the characters being highlighted.  IMHO the profanity enhanced the characteristics of the two free souls being depicted.

George Carlin made a career of profanity and yet his words of wisdom are still being used to make a point.

Bill Mahar uses profanity with a certain amount of abandonment; his method of showing the hypocrisy of it all?

And Jon Stewart will put emphasis on a point with a WTF.

This is as much as I can write as we must continue our adventures in Maryland.

Just something to think about. Your thoughts/opinions always welcome,


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