U.S. to send weapons to Syria!


iraq (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

It appears the WAR mongers have won this round.

This action was applauded by Senator McCain, the top war monger in the Senate. Can Senator Lindsey Graham be far behind?

How many lives will the U.S. sacrifice in this region of the world before saner minds take control?

How many billions of dollars will be spent in these senseless actions before saner minds take control?

Some are now calling this a humanitarian effort as 93,000 have died as a result of the civil war going on in Syria.  To them, I ask how many dead as a result of America’s invasion of Iraq?

We as a nation have wasted countless funds in fruitless invasions/occupations in the Mideast.

Come on people how about we follow the guidelines of John Lennon and “Give Peace A Chance”



3 thoughts on “U.S. to send weapons to Syria!

  1. 93,000? Shocking number… I mean there’s not much else to add, by the looks of things a lot more innocent civilians are going to lose their lives… And for what?


    • Ah yes, and digging deeper we find this is actually a battle between Saudi Arabia (Sunnis) and Iran (Shiites). Religion again raises it’s ugly head. I am reminded of George Bush prancing gayly thru the garden hand in hand with King Abdullah . For what for sure.


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