Michigan Republicans continue their winning ways!


Awards (Photo credit: :jovian:)

For the fourth year in a row Michigan’s Republican controlled Senate has won the annual “Gordon Gekko Greed is Good Award”

This much coveted award is given annually to the government body that has shown the most efficient method of taking from the masses to give to the few.

While the actual rules for winning this reward are somewhat clouded , better to keep the public mis-informed, it has been said passing ALERC written bills is a must for contestants.

And Michigan’s Republicans followed these guidelines well in their first year by raising taxes on seniors while giving tax breaks to the few corporate sponsors of ALEC. (Read Koch Brothers, Rich DeVos and so on.)

The work in winning and maintaining control of this award continued with the bill written to decrease financial aid to the impoverished of the state. (Decreased earned income benefits).

They were awarded extra points for their passage of a right to work (for less) law which is expected to help them maintain their power for years to come.

And this year they decided to go on vacation leaving the Medicaid expansion bill to wither on the vine; putting upwards to 400,000 Michigan citizens in danger of having no health care.

There was strong completion for this award by Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and his blatant divide and conquer union busting tactics but, in the final analysis Michigan was given the award based on their stealth techniques.

Screwing the public and having them smile unknowingly is how they put it.


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