A few thoughts on life

English: Water hazard (Lake)

English: Water hazard (Lake) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is like the game of golf. Sometimes you hit it sweet down the middle and sometimes you shank it into the woods. In either case you carry on with the game.

A chunked shot that leaves your ball short and drops into the water hazard does not end the game, you take your penalty, drop the ball and continue.

Choking on a 3 foot putt is not a world ending event, tap it in for the bogey and carry on.

Playing the game consists of taking a few 13s as a beginner and improving with experience until you reach the point where an occasional “snowman” 8 is your worst hole for the round.

Eventually, if you continue you will find your game slipping some as normal wear and tear or even an unexpected change in your health decreases your athletic abilities.

Again, this is not the end of the game, move up to the next tee box and carry on. You will soon learn that the joy of the game comes from more than just a low score.

Now get out there and enjoy the warm weather, Carpe Diem!


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