George Zimmerman Trial Begins

English: A package of Original Fruit Skittles.

English: A package of Original Fruit Skittles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well this trail is off to an interesting start with the first words out of the prosecutors being f-bombs. I was watching MSNBC and they provided the opening statement live. After a couple of f-bombs they broke in and apologized saying they were going to implement a 7 second delay and would then begin broadcasting again.

After restarting the broadcast another f-bomb was heard, it appears the dude with the bleep button in his hand was taking a nap?

A small family crisis put me in a position where I was able to watch most of the proceedings throughout the day.

My conclusion is; the prosecutor nailed it in a brief well prepared presentation. The defense stumbled a bit starting off with a dumb knock-knock joke.

It appears to me the defense is going to overload the 6 women jury with facts, many of little or no consequence to the case. They seem to be looking for that elusive (without a doubt) item that will get either an acquittal or a hung jury for the defendant.

But even more important today is the brief discussion with a few gentlemen last night concerning the case.

I told them how circumstances had allowed me to watch most of the proceedings and one of them stated. “He is being railroaded, the liberal media has been showing pictures of Travon Martin as a sweet little 12 years old, and he was a thumper”.

Another said “this case would have never came about if it had been a Mexican killing a black, the media turned it into a white killing a black thing creating racial strife; and in doing so brought on the publicity to call for prosecution”.

Well personally the only time I had heard the term thumper was in describing a Biblical fanatic. So I replied “Are you suggesting it is okay to kill someone just because they are a “thumper”? I went on to tell these guys no matter what, Travon Martin was not walking the grounds looking for a fight, he was going home with a bag of Skittles and an Arizona soda. It was Zimmerman that caused the confrontation and the ensuing death. Zimmerman bit off more than he could chew so to speak and when he found himself getting his ass beat he resorted to pulling his gun and BAMM!; Killing the kid with one shot.

My comments quieted the restless few, whether it was to avoid further confrontational debate or to give them something to think about is not clear.

I closed by saying I think Zimmerman will go free, this will be another case like O J Simpson or Casey Anthony. Some sort of jury nullification will win it for the defense.

There you have it, my opinion on the case and some general attitudes of others in my circle of associates.


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