Conversation with a right winger

While writing yesterday’s blog I had the company of a right wing fellow. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was writing a blog in complaint of the Supreme Court throwing out the clearance clause in the right to vote law.

As he has basic right wing opinions on all topics but does not follow events as close as I he required further explanation of what the ruling entailed, which was provided.

After filling him in with the details he responded as follows:

He told me that Obama had received 100 percent of the votes in 59 precincts in Philadelphia As proof of voter fraud.  Sounds like a fallacy to me.

Why, I ask if this was voter fraud was there no FBI investigation? Or why hasn’t the Republican controlled house called for an investigation and held extensive hearings?

He considered picture id not a problem, if someone fails to get off their fat lazy ass and get a picture id they should not be allowed to vote. (Profiling, or just his opinion of those without driver licenses)?

I sarcastically replied “Or any other type of ass”?

I explained to him that when registering to vote you are required to swear to your citizenship of the United States with possible imprisonment being a punishment for lying in the application. And that should be enough of a threat to maintain honesty in this action.

Many voting districts used to accept alternate proof of identity, tax receipts, energy bills and student ids.

Stirring the pot further I said. “You do not need a picture id to purchase a gun”.

This of course pulled additional strings as he challenged me to prove that statement. I went to a couple of links on the internet with videos of people buying guns sans picture ids at gun shows. For some reason he refused to even consider watching these links.

Perhaps proving my theory, factual truth to a right winger is like sunshine to a vampire.

Anyway this discussion was with a person that one time said. “All Muslims are not terrorists but, all terrorists are Muslims”. So you know what I am up against here


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