The Battle on immigration continues.

A "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD) bracelet

A “What Would Jesus Do?” (WWJD) bracelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, one of my facebook friends posts this meme.

As long as there are hungry, homeless Americans NO Illegal aliens should receive state or federal benefits! U.S. CITIZENS MUST BE FIRST

This has 162,695 likes. it was originally posted March 24th.

First off; this is a prime example of the divide and conquer technique used so brilliantly by the Republicans over the years.  And based on some of the comments I read, still a very effective method.

And to make matters worse the poster that brought it to my page calls herself a Christian.  How can anyone call themselves a Christian and be so greedy?  My replies to this meme could be endless. Who died and made us God?  What would Jesus do?

Someone out there help me out.  Why are so many people so ignorant as to fall for this stuff?

And we all should be aware that this meme was brought back to life by the fact that the U.S. senate passed an immigration bill last week.  This bill, passed with bi-partisan support has both pros and cons.

Follow the link for more information on these….

It is my understanding that the bill has no chance of getting through the house, they may do the same as Michigan Republicans just did with the Medicaid expansion bill, ignore it.

And this morning you will find more anti immigrant postings on your favorite social media site.

The battle never ends, carry on my friends, carry on.


2 thoughts on “The Battle on immigration continues.

  1. I, too, have found the anti-immigrant comments I’ve come across from highly vocal Christians to be highly disturbing. Unfortunately, it’s not too surprising. Patriotism with a touch of jingoism has been a main feature of the national discourse for a long time now. In Greece, the backlash against immigrants has become lethal as they become easy scapegoats for the economic repercussions of austerity.


  2. Not sure what church these folks go to but it appears to have a mean streak a mile wide. This is all part of fascism which has been growing in this country for years.


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