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In the past week we have had another incident of historic significance take place in Egypt.

Keep in mind the fact that my opinion is based on the filtered news provided in America. I have no connections in Egypt to give me on site firsthand knowledge of what is or has gone on there.

According to the information I have seen the citizens of Egypt became upset with the policies and actions of the democratically elected President Morsi.  There were 4 or 5 different causes listed, with most being economic issues; low income, raising prices, lack of work. It was also stated that the Islamic rules being implemented by Morsi did not set well with the people.

These economic issues appear to me to be a worldwide problem. As demonstrations are taking place on a worldwide basis.

The Islamic rules are another issue. It appears to be a case of the people not wanting a theocratic government.

Morsi won the election with strong support from the Muslim brotherhood and it appears he was trying to pay back his supporters. Or perhaps this was always his intention, to create a theocratic government with Islamic law. Did he use a technique such as Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder in saying one thing prior to being elected and doing what he always had in mind after winning the election?

If that was the case, the people of Egypt would have none of it and the masses demonstrating on the streets of Cairo are the results of this action.

Of special interest to me is the military’s response to this demonstration.

Rather than dispersing the crowds with water cannons, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets like has been done in America and other nations with civil demonstrations, they gave Morsi 48 hours to work with the demonstrators to come to a peaceful agreement.

Morsi chose to ignore this ultimatum and was consequently removed from office.

In closing I want to emphasize THE MILITARY SUPPORTED THE PEOPLE!

Can you imagine the people of America envious of the people of Egypt for their freedoms ?

Think about it!


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