All we have is the will of the people; all they have is barrels of bucks and control of the MSM.

Recycle Bin in Windows Vista

Recycle Bin in Windows Vista (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The will of the people can and will trump the big bucks and the biased reports on the MSM. Just join hands and share the truth with the people.

Journalism 101 teaches, if you do not have two independent sources, you do not have a story.  Keep this in mind when you see or receive emails or supposed news reports with questionable data. A Fox news report citing and the Drudge report as sources should automatically be placed in the recycle bin of the mind for later deletion.

A current example of MSM bias would be the Snowden case. The MSM is constantly reminding us of where Snowden is and where he may be going and what the U.S. government is doing to capture him and which countries have offered him asylum.

Nary is a word found speaking of the loss of 4th amendment rights that precluded this situation.  Sad to say most American citizens are willing to accept this, a result of years of programming?

We all must make it our goal to use social media, blogs and face to face interactions to seek and spread the truth. The will of the people will prevail!

So my friends, when entering a place whether it is a room full of people or a mind full of thoughts always try to leave it in better shape than when you entered.


4 thoughts on “All we have is the will of the people; all they have is barrels of bucks and control of the MSM.

    • notes, your grasp of social media is much firmer than you admit to here. Your feelings regarding news networks are shared by many and the number is growing daily. The link to ponder-protest-songs is an excellent piece making an interesting point. I think perhaps today’s protest songs come from the rap artists the young people listen to. Do not really know this as I do not listen to any rap music at all. I have difficulty understanding the rapid fire lyrics, and the profanity included in many of these songs kind of hurts this old guys senses. But I think these rappers are today’s protesting poets.
      Speaking of the profanity in rap songs, perhaps profanity now versus profanity in years gone by would be a good point to ponder? I mention this after hearing a young man call his father a mother f—er a few days back.


      • Your last comment about the young man and his father pretty much sums up my dismay. About the only thing rap music protests is the singer’s expectation that wealth, fame, and excess should be theirs for the taking.Years ago rap may have had a social voice but our current cult of celebrity led to a generation of people who glamorize taking by any means possible. Rap stars do little more than thumb their noses at authority and try to out-do each other in spending.

        We’ve reached the point where we simply dial in to the news we want to hear – picking a network to match our shallow views, then letting it feed our ignorance until everyone is whipped into a righteous frenzy. Journalism, facts, truth go out the window as ratings fuel the bottom line. Rather disgusting if you ask me – think I’ll go and listen to Woody Guthrie 🙂


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