Things going on other than Zimmerman Trial

is flickr a religion?

is flickr a religion? (Photo credit: the|G|™)

So my prediction of an early verdict was wrong. Jury stopped deliberations yesterday and will resume this morning. Hmmm?

But we still do have the Sunni Shiite religious war going on in Egypt. United States government is reluctant to call this military removal of the democratically elected president a coup. Seems doing so would mean we could not give Egypt any financial aid.  This of course would mean Egypt could not continue to buy American made weapons. And following that path would restrict profits to the U.S. military industrial complex; A NO NO for sure.

And to further complicate the matter it is hard to determine who the good guys are. Osama Bin Laden was a Sunni so I guess the Shiites are the good guys. But then the Shiites rule Iran so I guess the Sunnis are the good guys?

And there are many who say there are no good Muslims. What the hell is a simple soul like me supposed to believe/think about this mess?

Truth be known, it makes no difference, as long as we can keep the war drums beating there are profits to be made. And profits are what it is all about!!


3 thoughts on “Things going on other than Zimmerman Trial

  1. Holy crap, yikes, and wow – nothing “random” about this post. Sadly true, and on the money. But for religion Halliburton might go out of business, Bill O’Reilly most certainly would be out of a job, and terrorism would become nothing more than once upon a time
    Don’t even get me started on Zimmerman or gun legislation, the NRA, Scientology…

    Crap; you’ve got me started :).


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